Abraeniana  Limited Access  
Acacia Full  
Acta Manilana  Limited Access  
Acta Medica Philippina  Limited Access  
Ad Veritatem  Limited Access  
Aggie Trends Full  
Agricultural Commercial Industrial Life Limited Access  
Albay Bareta Full  
AMA Business Review  Limited Access  
AMA Journal of IT Limited Access  
The American Full  
The American Chamber of Commerce Journal Full  
Ani Full  
Appetite Limited Access  
ASEAN Journal of Penticostal Studies  Limited Access  
Atang dela Rama Full  
Augustinian Studies Limited Access  
Austronesian and other literatures Limited Access  
Balita Limited Access  
Banco Espanol Filipino de Isabel II Now Bank of Philippine Islands) Full  
Bannawag Limited Access  
Barangay Bulletin Full  
Ang Bayang Kahapishapis 1899 Full  
Bibliographies of works from specific places Limited Access  
Bibliographies of works from specific subjects Limited Access  
Biblion  Full  
Biblioteca Nacional Filipina Revista Historica Full  
Bluprint Limited Access  
Boletin Eclesiastico de Filipinas (The Official Interdiocesan Bulletin)  Limited Access  
Bonifacio Law Journal Full  
Boxing  Full  
Boxing News Full  
Brackishwater Aquaculture Abstracts  Full  
British Library Annual Report Limited Access  
Buildings for education and research Limited Access  
Bulaklak  Limited Access  
Bulletin of American Historical Collection (Manila, Philippines)  Limited Access  
Bulletin of the Philippine Library Full  
Bureau of Food and Drugs , Department of Health Full  
Business Mirror Limited Access  
BusinessWorld Limited Access  
The Cabletow Full  
Cambridge Core Collection Limited Access  
Camilo Osias  Full  
Carlos Ronquillo Collection Full  
Cartographic Collection of NLP Full  
Cavite Provincial Resolutions and Ordinances Full  
CCP Materials Full  
CHED Materials Full  
The Citizen Full  
The Civil Service Reporter Full  
COMELEC Materials Full  
Consumer Health Information (Tagalog ) Limited Access  
Daily Tribune Limited Access  
Dansalan Quarterly Limited Access  
DBM Materials Full  
El Debate Full  
The DeGraff Journal Full  
Department of Agriculture Materials Full  
Department of Education Materials Full  
Dia Filipino Full  
Digital  Full  
Diwa Limited Access  
DOST, Department of Science and Technolgy Full  
Education Quarterly Limited Access  
eLegal  Limited Access  
Encyclopedia of the Philippines Limited Access  
Excelsior Revista Decenal Ilustrada Full  
Expressweek Limited Access  
El Faro Administrativo Full  
La Federacion Full  
La Filantropia Full  
Filipinas Full  
Filipinas Ante Europa Full  
Filipiniana Theses and Dissertations 1921 - 2011 Limited Access  
Filipino Farmer Full  
FilNurse Today Limited Access  
Focus Philippines Limited Access  
Fookien Times Limited Access  
Foto News Full  
Ang Gabay Full  
Gaceta de Filipinas Full  
Gale Virual Reference Library Limited Access  
H. Otley Beyer Ethnographic Collection Full  
El Heraldo de la Revolucion Full  
Heraldo Filipino Full  
Historical Data (Philippines) Full  
Honorio Lopez  Full  
IG Publishing Collection Limited Access  
Ilang-ilang Limited Access  
La Ilustracion Filipina Full  
La Independencia Full  
Inside Showbiz Limited Access  
Institute of National Language Full  
ISBN Philippine agency directory Full  
Joint Local Government Reform Commission Full  
Journal of Documentation Limited Access  
The Journal of History  Limited Access  
Journal of Management and Development Studies Limited Access  
The Journal of Philippine Librarianship Limited Access  
Journal of the Soil Science Society of the Philippines Full  
Julian Balmaceda Full  
Julian Felipe Full  
La Libertad Full  
Library Occurent Full  
Library Resources and Technical Services Limited Access  
Life Style Asia Limited Access  
List of registered serials and publishers Full  
Liwayway Limited Access  
LSC journal Limited Access  
Luther Parker Full  
La Luz Full  
Lyceum Northwestern University Theses Abstracts  Limited Access  
Magsasakang Pinoy Full  
Malaya Business Insight Limited Access  
Manila Bulletin Limited Access  
The Manila Cablenews Full  
Manila Standard  Limited Access  
Manila Standard Today Limited Access  
Manila Times Limited Access  
Manila Times Annual Full  
Meg Limited Access  
Mirror  Limited Access  
El Motin Full  
Mr and Ms Magazine Limited Access  
Musical Courier Limited Access  
National Geographic Magazine Limited Access  
National Meat Inspection Service Materials Full  
National Museum of the Philippines Full  
National Science and Technology Authority, NSTA Full  
NFA Materials Full  
NLP Guides Full  
NLP Materials Full  
NLP Newsletter Full  
NLP Picture Collection Thumbnails  
El Noticiero de Manila Full  
NSDB Materials Full  
La Nueva Era Full  
El Nuevo Regimen Full  
Official Gazette Full  
OPS Weekly Full  
El Pais Full  
Pasig Full  
La Patria Full  
PCARRD (1987 to 2011) Full  
People's Journal Limited Access  
Peter Rudysuki Full  
PhilFIDA Materials Full  
Philippine Bench and Bar Limited Access  
Philippine Commission of Independence Full  
Philippine Communication Journal Limited Access  
Philippine constitution materials 1935 Full  
Philippine Cultural Journal Limited Access  
Philippine Daily Globe  Limited Access  
Philippine Daily Inquirer Limited Access  
Philippine eLibrary Materials 1509 - 2004 Limited Access  
Philippine Government Materials Full  
Philippine Incunabula 1509 - 1811 Full  
Philippine Insurgents Records Full  
Philippine Islands (Blair and Robertsons) Full  
Philippine Journal of Plant Industry Full  
Philippine Journal of Science Full  
Philippine Journal of Soil Conservation Full  
Philippine Journal of Soils Full  
Philippine Mining Yearbook   Limited Access  
Philippine National Bibliography Full  
Philippine National Railways Full  
Philippine Panorama Limited Access  
Philippine Star Limited Access  
The Philippine Statistical Review Full  
Philippine Studies Limited Access  
Philippine Values Digest  Limited Access  
Philippine Yearbook Limited Access  
Philippines Free Press Limited Access  
Pilipino Star Ngayon Limited Access  
Police Journal  Full  
Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo Full  
Pres. Gloria Arroyo Full  
Pres. Manuel Quezon Full  
Pres. Sergio Osmena Full  
Project EASE Collection Full  
Quezon Provincial Resolutions and Ordinances Full  
RAP Journal (Reading Association of the Philippines) Limited Access  
Raymundo Banas Full  
Reports of Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of the Philippine Full  
La Republica Filipina Full  
Research Highlights Full  
Research papers, undergraduate at NLP Limited Access  
Resources on Biography, genealogy and insignia Limited Access  
Resources on Elementary education Limited Access  
Resources on English grammar Limited Access  
Resources on God Limited Access  
Resources on Higher education Limited Access  
Resources on History of Southeast Asia Limited Access  
Resources on International Commerce Limited Access  
Resources on Law of nations Limited Access  
Resources on Public administration Limited Access  
La Revolucion Full  
Rice komiks Full  
Rizaliana Full  
Rosenstock's Directory Full  
Sakdal Full  
Science Direct Collection Limited Access  
Smithsonian Contribution to Earth Science Full  
Smithsonian Contribution to Zoology  Limited Access  
Soils and Water Technical Bulletin Full  
Soils Technical Bulletin Full  
La Solidaridad: Quincenario Democratico Full  
La Solidaridad: Revista Semanal Ilustrada Organo de la Juventud Filipina Full  
Solidaridad: Official organ of the Supreme Council of the 33D degree for the Philippines Full  
SRA Materials Full  
The Star Reporter Limited Access  
Ang Suga Full  
Sultanate of Sulo Full  
The Sunday Tribune Magazine  Full  
Supreme Court (Philippines) Materials Full  
Supreme Court Decisions Full  
Supreme Court Resolutions Full  
Technotrends Full  
Tempo Limited Access  
Times Journal  Limited Access  
Tribune (Tribune Publishing) Full  
Tribune (TVT Publishing) Limited Access  
La Union Full  
UP (University of the Philippines) Publications Limited Access  
US Government Publications Full  
Versoza, Paul Full  
The Voice  Limited Access  
Weekly Graphic Limited Access  
Weekly Nation Limited Access  
Weekly Women's Magazine Limited Access  
Who Limited Access  
WMSU Theses Abstracts  Limited Access  
Women's Home Companion Limited Access